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Cover Your Assets with the Access Digital Security Review

Access Digital Security Review and Assessment

Security isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. Access Digital offers a personalized security review that assesses your security protocols and risks based on our expert industry knowledge, cutting-edge security solutions, and comprehensive understanding of risk and best practices. We attend to your security concerns and goals to optimize and fine-tune your security settings and offerings. In a world where the threat of fraud is increasing and becoming more sophisticated, you can’t afford not to protect your users and your business.

Let Our Team of Experts Help You Optimize Your Security

Powered by the unprecedented pattern-seeking ability of AI, Access Digital’s Real-Time Fraud Control provides users with 24/7 protection. The Access Digital solution can identify the difference between a user’s normal digital banking behavior and react when out-of-pattern activity is detected. You can stop fraudsters without disrupting your banking customers’ activities.

Security, Performance, and Availability

Quarterly reporting allows you to see trends over time, identify concerns, and react to changes in product utilization. Our team of experts will help you align your team’s goals with the functionality of your digital banking products.

Product Vulnerability and Web Security

Using automated and semi-automated web and mobile security scanners (DAST/SAST), we look for product vulnerabilities and security weaknesses. We employ manual processes to verify that your security infrastructure is free of false positives.

Networking and VPN Configuration

We complete a quarterly review of your network and VPN performance and configuration, offering suggestions for optimization for your consideration.

We’ll Assess, Analyze and Recommend Security Strategies and Best Practices

Get a Comprehensive Security Review

Set custom configurations and perform updates based on a comprehensive security assessment.

Observe Trends and Changes Over Time

Review quarterly trends and changes over time to set and implement goals for product performance and availability.

Create Security Safeguards

Rely on our team of security experts to identify product vulnerabilities and web security weaknesses.

Optimize Your Network

Let our networking team provide expert performance and configuration recommendations for your network and VPN setup.

Measure Your Changes and Improvement Quarterly

Each quarterly report summarizes changes and improvements made since the last reporting cycle. You have both granular knowledge about your system updates and a bird’s eye view of the effectiveness of your security and performance strategies so that you can continue to develop and refine your digital banking security solutions in an ever-changing banking environment.


Document and Prepare for Future Audits

Create a regular, comprehensive record for your auditor’s review. Use your documentation to give regulators confidence that your digital banking platform uses thorough, proactive security measures to protect your clients and your institution throughout the year.

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