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Detect, Predict, and Prevent Fraud in Real Time.

Sophisticated fraud requires sophisticated protection. Access Softek provides cutting-edge fraud prevention software for banks and credit unions to keep account holders safe.

Secure transactions without disrupting users.

Powered by AI, Fraud Control protects accounts by learning each user’s normal pattern of digital behavior and reacting when out-of-pattern activity is detected for that individual. Fraudsters are stopped in their tracks while real users carry on.

Easily visualize complex risks.

Fraud Control provides visualization and reporting tools to inspect fraudulent threats. Analyze individual sessions, report on suspicious activity, and fine-tune the system to establish the protection that’s right for your institution.

Stop fraud before it happens.

Prevention is better than reaction. Whether you decide to reject questionable transactions or lock risky accounts, the system provides automated protection so that you can stop fraud before it happens and focus on growing your business.

Your communities deserve intelligent fraud control.

See our real-time, AI-powered solution in action.

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