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Omnichannel Lending demo for MDT financial institutions



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September 18, 2018 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM

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Access Softek has built a comprehensive lending suite that offers consumer lending, short-term lending, pre-approved lending, and balance transfers built atop key strategic lending criteria and reinforced with the huge potential of Artificial Intelligence.

Our omnichannel Lending Suite will help you increase loans, expand your banking channels, and become a one-stop 24/7 loan service. A rules-based decision engine drives the identification of automatically eligible users, approves loans immediately and deposits funds to accounts. Pre-populated applications ensure accuracy and speed up the process. Users can even save their application information so even more data pre-populates their next loan. Join our webinar to learn more about lending benefits from Access Softek.

While this particular webinar is focused on our partner MDT and its financial institution customers, we look forward to inviting you to future webinars on this topic.

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