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Investment Access for All.

Your communities deserve a quick, secure investment advisor platform with the institution they know and trust. EasyVest® Automated is perfect for attracting young adults and growing wealth through generations.

Getting started is easy.

We understand that starting to invest can be overwhelming for customers and members of all experience levels. That is why we designed the first robo-advisor tool that directly integrates with your online and mobile banking platforms.

With Access Softek as your investment platform provider, you will offer an easy to use, cost-effective solution for account holders with all levels of investing experience.

Everyone wins.

EasyVest benefits you just as much as your account holders. Your members and customers remain engaged with your institution and your account holders can start investing with small account balances, opening up a world of investing not available today. 

You can name the product anything you like: EasyVest®, SimpleVest™, or something aligned with your financial institution’s branding.


Compete with investment platforms from big banks.

Larger banks are offering investment options and FinTech investment platforms are competing with banks by offering traditional banking products. Credit unions and community banks can fight back by providing an easy, automated investment service that will movtivate your account holders to grow their wealth with you.

The rise of the robo-advisor.

Millennials are moving away from traditional investing in favor of automated solutions, leaving a multi-trillion-dollar opportunity up for grabs for financial institutions like yours. Financial institutions need to pay attention in order to take advantage of this massive market. Read our white paper, “The Rise of the Robo Advisor” to learn everything you need to know.

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