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Enhance Your Investment Experience for your Users

Give your users the ability to trade stocks, fractional shares, and mutual and exchange-traded funds directly within your digital banking platform.

Empower Your Finance with EasyVest® YourChoice

Discover EasyVest® YourChoice, a versatile component of the Access Digital Investment suite. Perfectly integrating with banks and credit unions, it opens doors to the vast $73 trillion investment market. Elevate your institution with our cutting-edge robo-advisor, EasyVest® Automated, and delve into crypto investments with EasyCoin.

Key Features and Benefits of EasyVest® YourChoice

Features for you

  • Grows and complements your existing wealth management services
  • Seamlessly integrated within online and mobile banking apps
  • Set monthly fee for additional income


  • Increase user digital engagement substantially
  • Attract and retain desired age demographics
  • Neutralize FinTech user drift
  • Convenient access of investments from within digital banking

Features for your users

  • Choose their own investments
  • Real-time trading
  • Fractional share investing
  • Frictionless digital access

Deliver Investments for All.

Empower your members and customers to choose their own investments.

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