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Neutralize Fintech User Drift with Access Digital’s EasyCoin

Access Digital EasyCoin

Are you seeing your organization’s assets shifting to crypto wallets? Many financial institutions’ anxiety over cryptocurrency risks has left them anxious to adopt crypto investment solutions. While financial institutions need to be realistic and candid about cryptocurrency risks and uncertainties, now is the time to offer your customers trustworthy solutions that help diversify their investment options. 

Users Can Invest without Leaving the Digital Banking Platform

Credit unions and community banks feel squeezed out of the competition between big banks and Fintech companies. Increasingly, big banks offer investment options while Fintech companies are rolling out traditional banking products. With the Access Digital Banking Platform and EasyVest investment solutions, credit unions and community banks can provide an integrated banking and investment platform that gives users everything they need to continue growing their money within that institution.

Investing in Crypto has Never Been Easier

Any Cryptocurrency

EasyCoin gives customers access to a wide range of crypto assets on a secure digital banking platform, including major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Three Click Purchases

Use your digital banking platform’s familiar interface to offer customers the ability to trade or hold any cryptocurrency on the market in as little as three clicks.

Real-time Payouts

Customers can immediately access funds after selling any cryptocurrency and transfer funds between their investment and banking accounts all with the app.

Investment Solutions that Meet Your User's Needs

API First Solution

EasyCoin is an API-first investment solution integrated into the Access Digital Platform. Customizable portfolios meet the investor’s timeframe, risk tolerance, income, to achieve their financial and investment goals.

Secure Investing

Access Digital’s EasyCoin offers real-time security solutions that allow you to detect, predict and prevent fraud. Our security solution gives you unprecedented custom insights that are tailored to your users and investment community.

Compliance Ready

Rest assured that your organization is in compliance with Access Digital’s EasyCoin. Our investment solution was designed to meet and stay current with compliance and regulatory standards.

Easy Integration

EasyCoin seamlessly integrates into your online and mobile banking apps. Make use of effortless customization designed to meet the specific needs of your customers and organization .


Increase Revenue by Keeping Your Assets in Place

EasyCoin offers a no-risk income source for financial institutions that adopt the investment solution. Access Digital’s EasyCoin lets you utilize this vital revenue sharing opportunity.

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