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Innovative, Intuitive, and Integrated.

Access Softek has re-imagined digital banking technology from the ground up. This is the next generation of digital banking — a seamlessly integrated platform of comprehensive digital banking solutions, offering a consistent experience across all channels.

Online and mobile banking solutions co-created with our clients.

From the beginning, we collaborated closely with our clients, their staff, and end users to create our mobile banking solutions. We shadowed support staff at call centers to streamline the troubleshooting process. Ongoing usability studies ensure that we address user pain points while field-testing new ideas and designs. The outcome? A distinctive, user-centric and client-focused digital banking experience.

Make passwords obsolete.

The albatross around digital banking’s neck? Passwords — a major pain for users & staff and a significant security risk in digital banking. The solution? Switch to unique biometrics like fingerprints, voice, and facial recognition—no new hardware needed.

Money movement made simple.

We make transfers unbelievably easy. Our platform’s simple, three-column transfers screen makes even complex transfers easy for users, who only need to share where an amount is going, where it is coming from, and optionally whether it should recur.

Powerful configuration options at your admins' fingertips.

Unleash the full potential of our industry-leading mobile banking solutions with our user-friendly admin tool. Thousands of configuration options invite you to activate new features, configure on the fly, create custom features and applications with our Software Development Kit, and deliver our full digital banking technology capabilities to your users. Want to change something to personalize the platform? Be our guest.

Dedication to innovation.

Discover the power of a seamless banking experience.

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