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Cu 2.0: Why You Need a Robo-advisor


Did you know that machines can sometimes pick stocks better than a human? It’s time for your credit union to augment your investment services by using the new robo-advisor service from Access Softek, a 36 year-old Berkeley, CA-based fintech that offers omnichannel banking to hundreds of FIs.

In this podcast, Access Softek founder and CEO Chris Doner discusses how to use robo-advisors alongside self-directed brokerage tools in your credit union’s investment toolkit. Learn how easy it can be to provide a suite of investment options that cover all your members, from those who want to have their investments completely automated, to those who want total control over their investments.

The timing couldn’t be better. With inflation galloping, cash in a savings account increasingly looks like a money losing proposition and, for sure, some members will be investigating shifting money out of savings accounts and into stocks – which often means shifting that cash out of the credit union and into another kind of institution.

That gets more perilous because many of those institutions already offer things that look like checking accounts.

Not only might member wallet share be lost it might come close to vanishing.

Sure, right now just a handful of credit unions offer robo-advisor services – but it’s a trend that is catching on elsewhere.

Plus, many credit unions are scrambling to find new sources of fee income and robo-advisory tools plus tools for self-direct brokerage accounts may be just the ticket.

Even better, Doner’s investment tools are based upon fees paid by the members who use them and those monies are split with the credit union.  The pricing is very favorable to the institutions that climb aboard.

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