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Finally, a Robust Digital Banking Solution Designed for Simplicity

Access Digital Banking

Financial institutions are under increasing pressure to offer their clients a comprehensive, integrated banking experience that can provide secure account management, lending, and investment solutions on a single, easy-to-use platform. With Access Digital, you can give consumers an advanced digital banking solution that creates a shared opportunity for financial growth. Help your clients and your organization create new revenue, build wealth, and strengthen the financial picture—together.

Offer the Industry’s Friendliest, Most Intuitive Visual Interface

Access Digital’s user interface is a tested, fully integrated platform that transforms the digital banking experience. Clients enjoy intuitive workflows, context-sensitive navigation, and familiar visual tools that provide fast, straightforward account information and insights.

See Account Insights

Charts and graphs provide easy-to-read financial summaries and insights

Favorite with Emojis

Tag and favorite payments, expenses, and transaction histories.

Categorize with Photos

Document and categorize with pictures of receipts and purchases—it’s like a digital banking scrapbook

Set to Dark Mode

Dark mode settings offer custom environments based on user preferences 

Users Have Unprecedented Account Control

Configure the Access Digital Solution to Your Organization

Access Digital’s admin tool has over 5,000 optional configurations. You can quickly and easily activate new features, create navigation content, and customize workflows that align with your clients’ needs. And if you have questions, we’re always just a conversation away to help you brainstorm and troubleshoot your solution.

Access Digital presents unparalleled opportunities for straightforward custom configurations tailored to your institution and clients. We designed a solution that meets your needs now and will grow with you into the future. Access Digital is more than a tool; it’s a whole new approach to digital banking.

Use Powerful Admin Tools

Enlist powerful, easy-to-use administration tools for easy activations and custom configurations

Create custom, organization-specific configurations with thousands of options

Maintain preferred third-party relationships with a library of hundreds of core-agnostic SSOs and APIs

Roll out innovations quickly with one-day rapid deployment installations and no-cost quarterly upgrades

Communicate Across Channels

Build personalized financial awareness with configurable alerts sent via e-mail, text, or push notifications

Place ads and offers using targeted marketing based on demographics and locations

Use a combination of automated and live communication that includes Live Chat and ChatBot.

Remember that with 24/7 support, Access Digital is always just a conversation away

Offer High Level Security

Keep your client accounts safe with biometrics and multi-factor authentication

Prevent fraud with real-time fraud protection and set custom risk thresholds specific to your clients

Protect against fraud with security breach detection

Ensure continuous improvement with full integration with the Access Digital Platform.

This is How Digital Banking Should Work—for You and Your Clients

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