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Access Digital Business Banking

Access Digital Business Banking is fully integrated with our digital banking platform giving businesses broad insight and control over their accounts. Account summaries are aggregated in a one-page accounts overview so account owners can see their working capital, cash, and credit at a glance. The Access Digital Business Banking solution pulls upcoming transactions across every account and every loan. Business owners can assess their financial position in its entirety quickly and easily. Give business banking clients access to their their full financial picture.

Create New Business Relationships with Our Business Banking Solution

Fully Scalable

Present a comprehensive digital business banking solution scalable to any size company.

Always Improving

Full integration with the Access Digital Platform ensures continuous improvement.

Simple, Powerful Tools

Provide one robust admin tool to manage mobile and desktop business banking.

Comprehensive Banking

Give clients a reason to do all of their banking with you.

Key Business Banking Features

Your business banking clients will benefit from Access Digital’s reliable, consistent platform designed for both commercial and retail users.

  • Bank in one place with full integration to the Access Digital™ platform
  • Create streamlined workflows
    businesses, and communities
  • Provide positive pay through with advanced fraud solutions
  • Real-time QuickBooks integration
  • Track money movement with ACH and wire transfer history
  • Treasury management function for payments, payroll, and receipts

Easy to Read Charts and Graphs

The Access Digital Business Banking solution provides financial insights as easy-to-read charts and graphs. Your clients can view the big picture and make informed decisions quickly and easily.

With Access Digital Account Owners are in Control of Their Banking

With the Access Digital Business Banking solution, you can offer businesses unprecedented control over entitlements with features like transaction limits and approvals that are configurable to the business’s needs.

  • Define and assign roles and grant permissions to trusted employees based on their roles.
  • Allow full access to the account controller.
  • Set hard limits and limits with approvals.
  • Restrict access by transfer channel.
  • Grant granular permissions to access treasury management features and e-statements.
  • Manage approvals on any device.

Provide Safety and Confidence with Verifiable Security

Rely on identity verification methods that integrate with service bureaus. Detect and prevent fraud with ID, facial recognition, behavioral analysis, and document recognition.

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