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Bring the Branch Experience Online with Access Digital Account Opening

Access Digital Online Account Opening

For many financial institutions, seemingly simple tasks like account opening are time-consuming processes. The Access Digital platform builds reliability and trust in your client relationships with the ease and precision of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Automated solutions provide a thorough, secure, consistent account opening experience that creates confidence and frees up your financial experts to assist clients with the hard stuff.

Make Opening an Account Simpler than ever

  • Offer convenient online account opening that doesn’t require a branch visit
  • Deliver custom account opening solutions to individuals,
    businesses, and communities
  • Create ease for clients by confirming individuals and addresses without a branch visit

Create Personalized Client Experiences with In-Platform Reporting, Analysis and Testing

Demographic Analysis

Use built-in demographic and location-based analysis tools to address specific client needs and communicate with broader audiences.

Analytics and Testing

Use in-platform analytics, analysis, reporting, and A/B testing to continue to refine and improve your client’s experience. 

Immediate Access

Leverage core integration automation to give well-qualified candidates immediate online banking access without relying on additional effort from your team of financial experts.

Targeted Communication

Communicate effectively with custom visual configuration and personalization that speaks directly to your clients’ demographics, regions, and languages.

Apply Seamless Third Party Integration

Allow true third-party integrations that don’t require navigating away from the site or creating account application delays. Complete key steps like e-sign and funding holds in real-time.

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