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Access Softek Launches Future-proof Business Banking Solution to Seamlessly Scale From Sole Proprietor to Smbs or ‘corporations’

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–Access Digital Business Banking provides cash-flow management, payments, payment acceptance, and sophisticated entitlements in an easy-to-use digital banking platform that attracts and retains business customers at community FIs-

BERKELEY, Calif.- Access Softek, an omnichannel digital banking provider, has released a new generation of Access Digital Business Banking, a digital business solution that creates a seamless online and mobile banking experience for SMBs. As an integrated feature of the company’s award-winning digital banking solution, banks and credit unions can now provide effective services to small, medium and large business owners. With Access Digital Business Banking, community banks and credit unions will have the opportunity to strengthen existing relationships with business owners and attract new ones. Access Digital Business Banking creates an intuitive digital banking experience for each user, allowing them to easily do the things they prefer to do online, online (pay and get paid, manage their cashflow, etc.), while also facilitating and enhancing the human touch at those moments when businesses prefer to communicate with a trusted advisor. The innovative business banking product is part of the Access Digital enterprise platform, meaning that a user can seamlessly switch from personal banking to business banking with consistent user experiences across both environments. Moreover, Access Digital Business Banking scales to meet the needs of practically any business, from sole proprietors to corporates. “With Access Digital Business Banking solution, business owners can spend less time managing money and more time making money,” said Chris Doner, founder and CEO of Access Softek. “Providing a business banking offering opens the door for significant opportunity and growth for financial institutions and business owners alike. ”Access Digital Business Banking platform creates a convenient, easy-to-use digital experience for businesses of all sizes. Some of the features that the platform supports include cash management, multi-check deposit, batch ACH including payments, payroll and receipts, wire transfers, video chat, Quickbooks integration, and fine-grained entitlements to allow controllers to keep tight control of account access. Many community financial institutions do not have solutions in place that serve this market. Access Softek sees this gap as a great opportunity for community financial institutions to grow, and to make an outsized positive impact on their local community by enabling local businesses to flourish.“We wanted to provide our business banking users with a full-featured digital banking suite to make managing finances as simple and efficient as possible,” said Terry Katzur, CEO of ELGA Credit Union. “Access Digital Business Banking solution enables us to deliver an excellent user experience with all the banking features needed to better serve our local businesses.”

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Access Softek is the trusted partner of credit unions and banks, providing comprehensive Access Digital suite of banking solutions that includes everything consumers and business owners need from the basics of online and mobile banking to account opening and lending, conversational banking, biometric authentication, real-time fraud prevention, automated investing, a crypto solution that can be integrated directly into a financial institution’s digital banking platform, modern intuitive member UI/UX, and other innovative products. Today, over six million customers securely and easily manage their money using Access Softek solutions. Access Softek sets the standard for the omnichannel digital banking landscape, and for over three decades continues to deliver industry firsts and ensure reliable support from its Berkeley, California, headquarters. For more information, visit    

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