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Access Softek Launches 24/7 Service to Enhance Call Center Support

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Berkeley, Calif., July 21, 2022 – Access Softek, an omnichannel digital banking provider, has launched 24/7 Service to help community financial institutions optimize their call centers. As an integrated feature of the company’s award-winning mobile and online banking solution, banks and credit unions can address users’ needs at any time.

The solution enables financial institutions to answer clients’ questions outside of branch hours, resolving issues like locked accounts, in real time. Unlike traditional outsourced call centers, Access Softek’s call center representatives are well-versed in Access Digital’s online and mobile banking capabilities, which provides them with the technological experience needed to effectively answer customer queries. At the conclusion of a live chat, users are prompted to complete a survey to ensure they are satisfied with their representative’s service.

Online and mobile data show heavy usage outside of traditional call center operation hours. Access Softek’s 24/7 service enables consumers to access support when it is convenient for them.

“After hearing several stories about the lack of service clients receive when utilizing an outsourced call center, we decided to create our 24/7 service and live chat support for our end users,” said Chris Doner, founder and CEO of Access Softek. “Our representatives have the expertise needed to assist clients with any online and mobile banking issues at any time. We look forward to extending the same support that we provide community financial institutions to their clients.”

Currently, 24/7 service is available to Access Digital users. As a leading digital banking provider, Access Softek is committed to offering solutions that increase internal efficiency and retain customer engagement for community financial institutions.

To learn more about the benefits of offering 24/7 call center support to your financial institution, read Access Softek’s Credit Unions and 24/7 Support Challenges.

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