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Is your call center software over 10 years old? Still on-premise, and not very adaptable? Access Connect can help you create a better experience for both your users and your staff. Access Connect is a cloud-native platform that connects to the core and enables your users to accomplish tasks seamlessly and efficiently, while directing your staff to the most valuable conversations.

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Create a Seamless Omnichannel Experience

Access Connect empowers you to deliver personalized, efficient, and proactive experiences across the channels customers prefer. With AI-powered chatbots, you can deliver natural and intuitive self-service experiences in multiple languages that save customers time and effort.

Access Connect also helps you proactively engage customers at scale with relevant information, like appointment reminders, in their preferred channel.

Increase Agent Productivity with Generative AI

Empower contact center agents to deliver superior customer experiences from day one. With Amazon Q, a generative AI powered assistant available in Access Connect, customer issues are automatically detected, and agents are provided contextual customer information and suggested responses and actions for faster resolution, all within the unified workspace.

In addition, you can guide your agents to resolve customer issues quickly and accurately by automatically recommending appropriate actions to take with step-by-step guides.

Measure, Track and Improve Performance

Using AI-powered analytics and optimization capabilities, supervisors and managers can proactively detect and address issues with their customer experience (CX), agent performance, and contact center operations.

Supervisors and managers gain instant access to real-time insights from customer interactions, easily identify agent coaching needs, forecast contact volume to optimize staffing, and make the best use of their agents to continuously improve customer satisfaction, reduce costs, and optimize contact center operations.

Great Lakes Credit Union | Case Study

In August ‘23, Great Lakes Credit Union ($1.3B AUM, IL) partnered with Access Softek to migrate their call center to Access Connect, enhancing both member and agent experience, and teamed up with to launch “Olive,” a call center virtual assistant which leverages conversational AI to route calls, enable banking transactions, and reduce member wait times.

With each of these investments and continuous improvements, GLCU reaffirms its commitment to delivering exceptional service and convenience to its members. “Our partnership with Access Softek is allowing us to not just meet but to exceed our members’ expectations, and I’m proud to be part of a team that is delivering a banking experience tailored to those specific needs,” said Elizabeth Osborne, Chief Operations Officer at GLCU. “It’s incredibly rewarding to enable our community to achieve their financial dreams.”

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