Our expertise in technology-based and application security spans:

  • Wireless Data Transfer – RSA BSAFE SSL, Ceritcom, SSLearhy Security Libraries, and OpenSSL 
  • Biometrics - fingerprint recognition, behavioral factors, and secure check image processing
  • Risk Based Security – multi-factor authentication, location-based security, and out-of-pattern detection
  • Financial data encryption and storage
  • Gateway authentication and field device security
  • Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Location based security

Client Projects


With OmniSky, we developed a secure rules engine to automatically encrypt and forward Outlook emails to the proprietary mail server. Our client software ensured that email would only be downloaded and decrypted by the intended end users. This component was a part of the complete application development work we did for OmniSky.

Fortress Technologies sells hardware gateways that provide encryption and access control for wireless traffic. Access Softek is currently creating the next generation Management and Policy Server that will sit behind these gateways. We are also developing a new Java based client side administration tool - with general SNMP network management capabilities - to replace the older and simpler HTML based configuration process. The result was a highly scalable and robust system designed for mission critical deployments.