At the end of the day, determining the gain of your new product deployment is very important to the C-Level Executive staff – and may ultimately lead to your promotion. Otherwise known as ROI, this gain provides measurable benefits:

  • Attraction – new products help your organization attract new customers by offering new experiences.
  • Retention – offering new products to your existing customers creates loyalty, thereby decreasing the likelihood of losing that customer to a competitor.
  • Increased Assets – new products lead to cross-sell opportunities with existing customers and create new revenue opportunities from new customers.
  • Remaining competitive in the industry – increased loyalty with existing customers and offering an experience your competitors do not have, gives you a competitive advantage in the marketplace.
  • Engagement – customer experiences from new products that solve real pains will drive customer engagement.
  • Advertising – new products, especially mobile products, offer new advertising channels. Providing your organization with additional customer touch point to continue the conversation.

These quantifiable benefits determine the gain from your product deployment and are measured in terms of time to market and customer adoption.



Time to market equates to the cost of a deployment. Shortening your time to market reduces the resources needed for your project, in turn, freeing up those resources for other strategic initiatives within your organization.

Customer Adoption


Customer adoption leads to increased customer engagement. Engagement creates an anchor from a customer to the institution. The more anchors, the higher the switching costs, the more likely a customer is going to foster a long-term relationship with your organization. Long-term relationships lead to up-sell/cross-sell opportunities – which lead to higher growth and more profitability for your financial institution.

By reducing time-to-market and increasing customer adoption, you will maximize your ROI (Return on Investment). 


Let Access Softek be your Deployment Partner and together we will achieve your ROI goals!