P2P Send Money

Access Softek is pleased to bring our customers P2P payments through a new partnership with PayPal. Your mobile banking users can send money to anyone in 190 countries with only an email address or cell phone number. This is a true P2P system with brand recognition you can offer to your end users. Your user does not need to have a PayPal account.

The money goes from their account with your financial institution straight to the recipient. We also offer a web based version formatted for the desktop with SSO to your online banking application.


The steps for the end user to make a P2P transfer are easy. There is a new menu item on the main page called “Send Money” with a powered by PayPal logo.

  1. Pick the account to transfer money from
  2. Enter the amount of the transfer
  3. Enter the address of the recipient
  4. Pick the type of transfer: Friends  and family  or commercial
  5. Enter a memo (optional)
  6. Click send
  7. A confirmation screen is displayed with the entered information and the user clicks "OK" or "Cancel"

PayPal integration is available on iPhone, iPad, Android, WAP and the desktop. 


One very exciting feature of this service is the ability to brand the messages that go out to the recipient.