Online Account Opening

In the time it takes to drink a cup of coffee, a prospective customer can now open an account online and make an initial deposit right into your bank or credit union—automatically and with complete security.

Access Softek’s Online Account Opening application provides a quick and easy way for new or existing customers to apply for a new account from the convenience of their own computer. Their identification will be verified electronically and they can complete the process in a single online session.

Online Account Opening is becoming recognized throughout the industry as the most cost-effective means of acquiring new customers and automating asset gathering. By providing this simple and convenient online tool, you will not only capture more of the profitable online banking market, but also multiply your opportunities to cross-sell products, and increase the effectiveness of your online banking investment.

At Access Softek, our goal is to provide you with the ideal online banking solutions for your customers and staff. Our Online Account Opening application features flexible verification and approval parameters, and fulfills all requirements for compliance, multi-factor authentication, and Internet security.

Depending on your situation, OAO can be accessed through an ASP, installed on-site, or be deployed from your Data Center. We also have the ability to customize the program to meet your financial institution’s particular needs.