OFX Server

A small percentage of banking customers generate the most revenue for financial institutions. These customers expect top-tier administration services and secure, reliable transfer of their financial information. Access Softek’s Open Financial Exchange (OFX) Server addresses this opportunity.

OFX allows the standardized exchange of data with online banking customers as well as other online financial institutions and applications.  A client/server-based technology, OFX creates a standard that financial service companies use to exchange financial data over the Internet. By providing reliable and secure data exchange, OFX technology enables financial institutions to provide more robust and competitive online services.

Our OFX-enabled solutions allow financial institutions to offer secure, seamless information exchange with the millions of banking customers using Intuit Quicken and QuickBooks.

OFX Server + Direct Connect

Most financial institutions support Web Connect for Quicken and QuickBooks users, but Direct Connect offers a much better user experience. All the largest financial institutions offer Direct Connect for its improved accuracy, enriched functionality, ease of use and increased reliability.

Among the many advantages of Direct Connect over Web Connect are:

  1. Transfers
  2. Bill pay
  3. Secure messaging
  4. Immediate account setup
  5. In application branding opportunities
  6. One button cross account updates
  7. Automatic transaction management to prevent duplicates

Offering Direct Connect with the Access Softek OFX Server allows a financial institution to offer services that are competitive with the global banks, attract and retain the most valuable end users and reduce technical support and maintenance costs.