Development Service

Mobile Development

Access Softek has been working on smart phones since the early 90s. Projects have included applications for Microsoft, Nokia, Ericsson, NTT, and many others.

Additionally, Access Softek has its own mobile products on all major mobile platforms.

Access Softek has deep industry experience in programming for Mobile Technology. Since the inception of the industry, our engineers have worked on every major hand-held computing platform, including Palm wireless Internet service for OmniSky and OmniSky for Pocket PC.

We were among the first to use Compact.NET, creating the demo application Microsoft used at the conference announcing the product launch. Our experience on successful, complex mobile development, and integration projects gives us a leading edge in maximizing the potential for hand-held devices, both as stand-alone and network components.

We can take a product on one platform and port it to any other platform, or we can take a pre-existing website and do a complementary mobile application to expand the utility of the website.