Mobile Banking

Mobile Finance Manager™  (MFM)

Mobile Finance Manager™ is an integrated mobile banking solution that offers the most secure, flexible, feature-rich, and easy-to-use package on the market. MFM successfully integrates your financial institution's core processor with all three major end-user mobile banking technologies - downloadable apps, text messaging, and mobile-optimized website.

This gives your customers and members customized access to their accounts, and gives your institution complete end-to-end control from the end user to the core system.

Mobile Finance Manager Services

  • View account balances & history
  • Pay bills online - iPay, ORCC, FIS, Checkfree, Metavante, PSCU, WRG, Allied Payment Network, Payveris
  • Manage finances with PFM options
  • Send and receive secure, trusted communications
  • Set alerts
  • Send P2P payments
  • Make mobile deposits
  • Conduct mobile photo balance transfers
  • Pay bills through photo bill pay
  • Apply for loans
  • Find branch and ATM locations.
  • Benefit from sophisticated, layered security

MFM Highlights 

  • More coverage of downloadable apps: iPhone, Android, iPad, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Java, Palm, Kindle and more
  • Two-way SMS alerts
  • A complete package with all components fully integrated
  • Multiple layers of security: what you know, what you have, and new security innovations from Access Softek
  • Unified enrollment
  • Direct integration to the core with no screen scraping.

MFM is the first mobile banking solution to provide the control and flexibility of single-vendor integration of all three major end-user technologies (APP, WAP & SMS), and their direct connection to the core processor. This empowers end-users to choose the appropriate mobile account access method that best fits their lifestyle.

MFM offers complete control over sensitive financial data as it flows between end user, bill-pay provider and your organization's core processor. This end-to-end control eliminates many business risks such as interruption of service due to non-cooperating vendors. It also avoids the reliability issues and security risks inherent with the process of screen scraping online-banking data from third-party applications.