Mobile Finance Management (MFM) mobile banking looks ahead to what's next.

Without cutting-edge, robust mobile banking, you are missing out on new revenue opportunities. 

More importantly, consumers choose their financial institution based on the depth of their mobile offerings.  Institutions that do not adapt will be left behind

With that in mind, we have specifically designed our products to keep you at the forefront of technology.  Just ask the 400+ financial institutions that use our platform and the nearly 3 million users accessing it every month.

MFM features

MFM directly integrates with your financial institution's core processor to provide instant, up-to-date mobile banking across three major mobile technologies: downloadable apps, text messaging, and mobile-optimized web.

  • View account balances & history
  • Log in securely with biometrics
  • Pay bills online (we work with most bill pay vendors)
  • Pay bills through photo bill pay
  • Transfer money
  • Deposit checks with mobile deposits
  • Monitor personal finances with PFM options
  • Send and receive secure, trusted communications
  • Set alerts
  • Send P2P payments
  • Place stop payments
  • Conduct mobile photo balance transfers
  • Apply for loans
  • Manage credit and debit cards
  • Find branch and ATM locations
  • Take advantage of extended options like Apple Watch and Apple Pay
  • Receive targeted advertisements
  • Benefit from sophisticated, layered security
  • Extend the software through SSO connections