Marketing Preparation

In-Product Marketing

There are several opportunities within our Mobile Banking (MFM) product for placement of promotional materials and/or direct communication with your customers. Depending on your institution's configuration settings, you will be able to broadcast secure messages, emails, banner ads, and text message promotions to all MFM users, select groups of users, and specific individuals.

These advertisements can include text, hyperlinks, and html, and we can even integrate with remote ad servers for placement of alternative media types. Clickable hyperlinks can direct your members to more information about your promotions, provided the device they are using is data capable with Internet access.

To whom:

  • Broadcast to all MFM users
  • Select groups of users (created in the product orĀ imported XML file)
  • Specific individuals


  • SMS text message inquiry responses
  • Alert SMS text messages
  • Secure Message Box (encrypted and dedicated between you and the user)
  • Email on file with the core processing system
  • Banner ads within the downloadable application
  • Remote ad servers