Launch Preparation

Be Prepared

Preparing for the Big Event

Preparation is the key to a successful product launch. Access Softek is committed to ensuring that you and your team are well prepared.  Given our expertise and track record of successful product launches, we tailor our strategy to meet your marketing needs. 

This customization typically includes supporting your marketing team's efforts in promoting new products and clearly stating their benefits to your customers. Additionally, we provide product launch best practices in the following areas:

  • Highlighting Product Benefits to Market Needs

  • Clear Market Positioning and Messaging

  • Setting Clear Goals for Launch Success, and

  • Timing Your Launch.

All of the above best practices contain suggested content and formats that your marketing department can modify and use as needed.


A successful product launch is the realization of offering your customers a new, rewarding banking experience. This is a significant value add to your brand and we are just as excited about it as you are.

After Launch Preparation, we continue working with your Marketing & Product teams to ensure we have covered “all the bases” unique to your process. 

[Note:  Launch Preparation starts at the Project Launch Meeting and is refined on an ongoing basis throughout the deployment process.]

We Have Lift Off…

Your Access Softek Banking Solution has been installed, configured, customized and thoroughly tested…  Now it is time to get it to your customers.

At this point, we will make best practice recommendations based on our deep experience in financial services – but ultimately, you have complete control over the Launch Strategy.