Development Service


Our pioneering development effort on email systems started with the pre-release version of Microsoft Outlook and has continued on different versions of MAPI, Outlook, and open source email systems - continuing on to SMS and other communication channels. 

Our experience with email and MAPI solutions began with the original Rules Wizard for Outlook we developed for Microsoft. This Wizard allows Outlook users to set rules for filtering and organizing email. Microsoft relied then on our ability to address both the technical issues and the usability required of the interface to deliver a strong product that has been included in every subsequent Outlook release.

We have also created a number of large applications that enhance Outlook, like Plan Plus for Franklin Covey. This application integrates their "Seven Habit" program with Outlook. Our email expertise extends to smaller systems as well and can be applied to provide functionality and usability and project.

Access Softek's Email Experience

Access Softek has been one of the leading developers of Outlook related software since its earliest days. We have created applications for the original Outlook release, working closely with Microsoft, first developing the Rules Wizard for Outlook 97, and later working with the Outlook team to fold the extension into the core product.

Since the release of Outlook, Access Softek has both consulted on and developed Outlook extensions for clients such as Hewlett Packard, Visto, Diversinet, Omron, Franklin Covey, OmniSky, Sproqit, Critical Path, and Cemaphore Systems.

Access Softek has deep understanding of the Outlook product, of using Extended MAPI or the Outlook object model, and also related email protocols such as, SMTP, POP3, and S/MIME. Access Softek has copies of all the significant versions of Exchange, going back to version 5.5, running in our development lab.

Email Case Studies