Sometimes a financial institution will come to us with a“special situation. For instance, you may want to add splash screens to promote certain actions for your customers. Or, you may want to add new feature and functions. Not a problem. We are happy to accommodate your special situations.

Key to being successful with these sub-component projects is our willingness and ability to work as part of the larger team. We are experienced enough to know that variability is inherent in software schedules, and should your engineers finish something later than expected, we will adapt, and try to make up the difference on our end.

We provide customization in the following strategic areas:

  • Prototypes
  • Branding
  • Application Features
  • Specialty Adapters
  • Mobile Add-ons

Not to worry, if you need to customize your deployment or if you come across a special situation… We have got you covered. We will work with your team to make your deployment successful.