Development Service

Custom Software Development

Most software development companies suffer from a shortage of talented programmers (a.k.a The War for Talent). This“talent shortage places limits on new product development and new releases of existing products, ultimately creating a bottleneck to revenue growth.

By using Access Softek as an adjunct to your internal development resources we can take on components of existing products and produce a quick and substantial increase in the total available development resources.

Key to being successful with sub-component projects is our willingness and ability to work as part of the larger team. We are experienced enough to know that variability is inherent in software schedules, and should your engineers finish something later than expected: we will adapt, and try to make up the difference on our end.

Give us a call if you need anything from a MaPS server for your hardware gateways, as did Fortress Technologies or if you just need a new installer wizard, as Microsoft did for Outlook. We will work with your team to make your product successful.

Access Softek components are found in products by Microsoft, Apple, H&R Block, Sony, and many others.