Case Studies

The Rules Wizard. Access Softek was one of the first to build an extension for Outlook. This feature required extensive Extended MAPI development, and also integrated with Exchange Server to handle the inbox rules. It featured the distinctive Rules Wizard UI with embedded hyperlinks to ease configuration and natural language representation of email related conditions. It also supported both Internet and Exchange based Outlook profiles. We also completed a couple of special projects for Microsoft to handle sample custom action implementations, and integration with the NetFolders extension.

Hewlett Packard. Access Softek consulted on the interface changes needed to bring HP's OpenMail offering. This depended on Access Softek's unique knowledge of the Exchange server MAPI interfaces for manipulating server rules.

Microsoft/Symbol Event Check-In. This project was a showcase for Microsoft's new Pocket PC 2003 platform, and involved coding in C# within the new Compact .NET framework. (When the project began, the framework was still in Beta release.) The product was a barcode scanning system for registering conference attendees, who could register online in advance, and then print out barcodes that would be scanned at the conference site by Symbol devices equipped with barcode scanners, significantly streamlining the registration process. The software running on the devices read the scanned information, then printed out badges and other documents for each attendee to onsite printers over Wi-Fi connections.

OmniSky. Access Softek developed a three key email related pieces for OmniSky, and also consulted on email handling at their server. First, we added an email address import feature to the installer for their Palm and Pocket PC users. Second, we built an Outlook extension that redirected email to the OmniSky servers for consumption by wireless handheld devices. Third, we developed a prototype http email client to forward Hotmail to the OmniSky server.

Franklin Covey Plan Plus. Access Softek worked closely with the Franklin Covey project team to design an Outlook extension that captured the Seven Habits philosophy. It showcased extended MAPI development, Outlook custom forms, innovative graphics, and also used the Outlook object model for some of the hooks into the HTML dashboard and custom controls.

Fortress. Technologies sells hardware gateways that provide encryption and access control for wireless traffic. Access Softek is currently creating the next generation Management and Policy Server that will sit behind these gateways. We are also developing a new Java based client side administration tool - with general SNMP network management capabilities - to replace the older and simpler HTML based configuration process. A highly scalable and robust system designed for mission critical deployments.

In a project with the Mobile Solutions Division of NEC, we were tasked to build a portable fingerprint recognition application for airport, medical and other national security platforms. Vital to executing this project successfully, was navigating two mission critical technical concerns in actual field operations – (1) false positives and (2) false negatives.