Access Softek has worked extensively with biometric algorithms including fingerprint recognition, signature recognition, keystroke metrics, behavioral pattern identification, geographic biometrics, and a new technique not yet announced.

Biometrics has emerged and continues to emerge as a vital component in data and application security systems. Access Softek has worked on many cutting-edge biometric solutions to provide.

Our Approach


In a project with the Mobile Solutions Division of NEC, we were tasked to build a portable fingerprint recognition application for airport, medical, and other national security platforms. Vital to executing this project successfully was navigating two mission critical technical concerns in actual field operations – (1) false positives and (2) false negatives.

Successful by design, we worked closely with NEC's highly regarded AFIS system to adjust the user interface appropriately for the various use cases. We were able to take their AFIS code using their proprietary APIS to create a complete, wireless, handheld, and client-server recognition system.

Our Value


If you are just looking for which biometric solution is best for your organization, our consultants will guide you down the right path. Whether it is portable fingerprint recognition, keystroke metrics or behavioral pattern recognition, we have the necessary experience. Let our expertise and proven approach be the catalyst you need to complete any new biometric integration project.