AppWatcher - our Application Reliability Monitoring System - detects a problem before your end users do. It is an alert module, which monitors changes to any of your customer-facing applications - alerting you to a potential incident before it affects your customers.

AppWatcher™ from Access Softek enables financial institutions to monitor the availability of their OFX servers, online banking applications and web sites round-the-clock. Automatic email alerts are sent whenever persistent failures occur, enabling application administrators to find out about problems before your customers do. AppWatcher™ can also provide advance warning that a web site security certificate is about to expire.

Online banking represents a considerable investment in cutting-edge technology, including OFX servers, multi-factor authentication and financial management software. Everything must work seamlessly to retain customers and attract new ones. AppWatcher™ protects that investment by ensuring that your web site is not only a powerful tool, but an exceptionally reliable one as well.

In the online banking world, consistent performance is the key to customer satisfaction. Typically, customers choose online banking because they want immediate access to their financial information and accounts. AppWatcher™ keeps you informed in real-time of any potential problems before they become customer service issues.

Benefits of AppWatcher

  • 24/7 monitoring of OFX-enabled services
  • Designed specifically for banks and credit unions
  • Go from sign-up to set-up in just minutes
  • Fully customizable monitoring and alert parameters
  • Instant email notification of access problems
  • Report summary isolates problem links
  • Increased online customer satisfaction
  • Improved online service vendor accountability
  • Cost-effective solution for any-size financial institution

We have developed this unique and highly evolved technology with the highest standards of reliability, efficiency, and design, in conjunction with cost effective pricing that will result in a significant return on your investment.