The key measure of success in a new product launch is end user adoption. By offering a product people love via a coordinated launch with carefully targeted promotions, Access Softek achieves excellent adoption rates, very quickly.

Results from previous engagements and current customer deployments indicate that the addition of new features and the delivery of new product versions accelerate user adoption rates. In effect, these new features drive viral, word-of-mouth marketing that spreads throughout your community of users - something we like to call Designing the Experience

Adoption rates have been growing rapidly and will only continue to accelerate as more and more people use smart phones.

How to design the experience

Designing the experience is about targeting a specific feature of a new product to a frequent behavior of a group of customers. For instance, let’s say a certain group of customers checks their balances several times a week. Sending this group a message that communicates the convenience of checking their balance from their phone to drive customer adoption within this customer group is how you can design the experience of checking balances.

Designing the Experience is something we do well at Access Softek. Together with your Marketing & Product teams, we will ensure that your customers properly adopt your new products.